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I have tried many times to start this app, but it crashed every time. I hope this will get fixed in the upcoming updates

Noble effort

The promised create a level might help it stand out. Other than that... Fieldrunners and besiegement have TDs locked down.

Nice try, but not good enough

Still too sharp on the edges and not really engaging

Very nice!

Im giving this a 5 because I believe it has so much potential. It reminds me of my favorite TDS - Vector TDX. Id like to see the towers be upgradeable in addition to the other upcoming enhancements listed. Its definitely is already a fun game that is header in the right direction!

Just awful!

This seems more like someone playing around with the SDK rather than a complete or finished game. It is awful. - Poorly conceived graphics, simple can be done well, but you can barely tell the difference between the levels of towers, and when there are a lot of creeps, it is just a mess. - No upgrading. Just more advanced towers. You cant even destroy or remove existing towers. Come on, this is basic TD stuff. - No Balance. Advanced towers are pointless because of cost. 5 basic laser towers are way more powerful than a triple laser tower. - Bad logic. Shots disappear if target goes away. Towers can be completely useless if placed behind a faster shooting tower. Both will target a creep but if the first one kills it, the shots from the second disappear. - Crashes. - NO SAVE!?!? You have to play a game from beginning to end in one sitting or you have to start over. - Minor, but no "return to main menu" or anything in game. to end a level you have to quit the app and reload. - Way too long too load for something with virtually no graphics sound or complex logic. - Some of the advanced towers are frankly dumb. The laser bomb seems completely useless. Sorry, I wish I could say something good about it, but I can find nothing redeeming. Limited maps and options, poorly planned graphics, annoying sound, many key gameplay features missing, many general features missing, poor pacing and lack of balance in the gameplay. Couple that with the fact there is nothing innovative at all to at least make it worth watching for future updates, and you have to wonder why they even bothered to make it in the first place. If you like Tower Defense, look elsewhere, all of the other versions in the app store are better than this one. Developers: dont bother updating this "test" (or whatever it is), scrap it and start over.

Awesome TD needs 1 improvement

Best TD ever!!!! Just needs a button to relace or delete existing tower.

just as good/fun as field runners

I love this game people who talk down on it need get in tune with them selfs lol. I have but a few suggestions. Of course sell of the towers, more maps, a lit better graphics and maybe some new types of towers? but its still a great game all in all. thanks alot guys and its only $2, field runners is $5 your getting a way better deal with this game cause it just as fun!


Its ok for the first little bit but then it shut off and I cant get back on I wish that. I didnt waste my money ok this

Great game

This is a great tower defence game, I find myself replaying the levels all the time. The only thing that would be nice is if you could sell some towers so the spaces could be used for better towers. Also, some of the towers seem silly, like I never use the 3rd level freeze tower, because its not fast enough to slow down the creeps, the little bullet just trails behind the creeps until the 2nd level freeze tower slows them down enough.

The best tower defense

This tower defense game is awesome cant wait for more levels!!!!!

Very Fun

This is one of the best TD games out there. If youre reading this, you need to get this game. Its way better than field runners, and with the updates, Im sure this will be a great game. And I really like the idea of being able to customize your own map. KEEP IT COMING!!!!!


Not going to hurt the rating with a one star because I know it is going to be a ok better. A few things I would like to mention: - Its good you can replace towers but do not get anything back from the old tower. - Fire, virus, and frost towers get useless very fast when the enemies become faster than the projectiles. So you are left with no choice but lasers, which dont do much. - Around stage 510, it began to deduct lives from me even though I had never let a single one by. I eventually lost when I should have had 20 lives still. - All the normal creeps never made it past the 3rd grid mark. The bosses were the only ones threatening. I think the bosses should sometimes be a single creep, and the normal ones a bit stronger. Thats it. I hope you will take my suggestions into thought. They will make the game much better.

Great, but needs updating

One update that this REALLY needs: an upgrade system for the towers. Not too much strategy if you cant upgrade. Also, at around round 450, the projectiles go crazy.

Still Waiting...

Dont buy this game if youre looking forward to an update. It doesnt seem to be coming. Ive had this game for months, and still nothing.

The super LOL

I got to lvl 498 on easy and the double speed guys did not show up LOL and they killed me in less then a nano sec I had 20 lives left also I like this game

Come on

this is a great starting app it has some little fixes but why would you complain about the graphics its a tower defense game seriously it doesnt need good graphics the towers are fun and they are good types.....also I could say that this only needs upgradable towers and then perfect dont worry about graphics dev. just ad upgrades.


Good TD game. Need to add the ability to sell towers, send enemies early and upgrades for towers placed. Still fun.

Good game

I prefer this vector graphic style tower defense game over some of the others out there. I like the interface and look forward to additional features like upgrades and selling towers.

Needs a upgrade system

Not much to do without tower upgrades


no manual, no tower upgrades, no tower selling, annoing sound... horibble app.

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